The story about it how goes my life now.

So, I’m having my birthday in a month… 25th april. It’s gonna be my 18 birthday and I’m actually gonna die. I’m so not ready for it..

And actually my birthday party gonna be shitty because my friends are having boyfriends and I wanted to make  ladies night and I can’t cuz they’ll be sitting in their phones all the time without even paying attention to me…bitches…

Anyway, yeah, my other friend I used to have lots of fun with last time, got a boyfriend too and now I’m no one for her actually. Yeah, she was with me when I needed her, we were taking photos with each other, we were going out together, everything were great until… she fell in love with boy from other class and she got him as her boyfriend… well…

But I still have other friends who I can have fun with. A directioners actually, but I love them ^^ One of them has a gay obsession… she sees gay guys everywhere… I mean, she thinks she sees. ~ But Yeah, I like to look for gay guys with her… I’m not weird, shush…

Oh, I should tell a story about a guy from the post office. ~ So, I was on the post office to get my backpack, and I saw a handsome guy there. So um… when he was going out and I tried to unwrap my backpack to carry it on my back, I looked at that guy and smiled…

And he stared at me for few seconds and ran away xD hahaha okay, he just went out like normal person but I got really embarrassed because I wanted him to mile back and he didn’t. sobs.

Okay, nevermind… Now I have to say something about Felicity. New huge mall in my city. It’s just so amazing. So many stores… You go around and you have everything… unless kpop store but shush… Uhm, and yeah, I bought there few things already. Actually, a T-shirt which says “I love being single”, a pink-salmon colour shirt, and a pair of white shoes ~ Such amazing things. I’d wear this all everyday. I just love going there, I get such a good mood and I feel like smiling all the time over there… just.. afsgajkdjlakj awwwh.

About school… well, it’s not that bad. I got some problems with Math but it’s all. I’m totally fine though p.e… again p.e.. I have no grades omg xD What I’m gonna do, I’ll die again… Why p.e has to exist?! uggghhh I’m so not good at everything… ~

Well I think it’s all I had to say…. I think… Well gonna end this post there so… stay strong and goodbye ~



My Ultimate Bias 2013 (part 1)