Lee Taemin - I'm Your Boy 

I do support Taemin and I do think that he deserves solo, but also I think that Jonghyun or Onew deserves solo much more. I think so because in my opinion, they’re a bit better singers than Taemin. Even if he’s my bias, I have to admit it. For me, Taemin is a great dancer with nice voice and big heart ~ I hope he’ll prove that he really deserves this solo and that everyone who didn’t support him were wrong. I believe he is able to do this. He’s amazing, isn’t he? ~

The story about what was happening last time.

So… My laptop broke so no gifs in my story today ;A;

Yup, it broke, stupid piece of shit which broke but damn I loved it. At least I have a tablet and my mom’s laptop. I’m so damn upset but well… life…

 Next thing is that this fucker, my best friend’s boyfriend, is having crush on me. I’m playing with his heart, I know it’s wrong, but I just… can’t get over him. I liked him for some time but… that’s all… I don’t like him anymore. I thought I do. But I don’t. I don’t wanna be with him. Ever.

Also I’m getting upset at our car. This fucking shit is always against me. UGHH. I wanted to sit alone at home for at least this ONE fucking day, but NO. This shit broke and mom has to stay home x.x I’m so tired of her shit so I want her to go. Whatever.

Anyway, I was on a party with my friends a month ago. I did lots of things. Stupid things. I kissed with guys who I just met, I layed in a bathtub for half of the party, second half I was laying in bed. I told my classmate that I like him. He told me that he doesn’t have feelings etc. Anyway, this party was awesome, but I was horrible. Damn, what I was doing… just… damn. xd So stupid (/.\)

Also, I started to exercise some. With Mel B. I hope I’ll loose some weight soon. We’ll see. I wanna look pretty. I need to loose weight bc this fucker said my body is perfect like this so I wanna change his mind and make him not want me anymore. I have to do this. I don’t know if I will or not but… I gonna do this… or find a boyfriend… I need to come up with sth.

Okay… I’m gonna end my post here ~ See you soon ppl ~

Bye ^^